Open-Access Statement

By submitting to ADVIC, authors have all agreed to the following terms on OA and copyright. 

Open Access (OA):

Advances in Dynamic Vision, Imaging, and Controls (ADVIC) is an online open-access journal, that follows the BBB defintions of "Open Access," i.e., the Budapest OA Initiative in 2002, the Bethesda Statement on OA Publishing in 2003, and the Berlin Declaration on OA to Knowledge in the Sciences and Humanities in 2003. 

More formally, authors who choose to publish in ADVIC automatically grant the release of the Creative Commons Attribution License (currently “CC BY 4.0”), under which,

  • (Sharing) any third party or end user can copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format, and
  • (Adapting) any third party or end user can remix, transform, and build upon the material for any lawful purpose (e.g., crawled or data mined by search engines), even commercially, and
  • (Attributing) when doing so, the third party or end user must give appropriate credit, provide a link to the License, and indicate if any changes were made.

As a result, any production article of ADVIC is freely available to the international community without the need of individual purchasing, paid subscription, or obtaining permission from the authors or the ADVIC publisher, for any lawful purposes, as long as a proper citation to the original publication is given.


Authors own and retain the original copyright to their published works in ADVIC, while granting first publication rights to the ADVIC publisher - Deep QuanTech, LLC.